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In 2001 JSC "Fortera" in cooperation with the International Olympic Committee, International Hockey Federation (FIH), and Lithuanian Hockey Federation installed a hockey pitch with artificial turf surface in Šiauliai (covering "AstroTurf"), which has had excellent evaluations. On this pitch European women and youth hockey championships were held. Also we have installed hockey fields in Vilnius and Kėdainiai. Here you will find "Fortera" projects.

Artificial turf on hockey pitches was introduced in 1970’s. Now, natural grass hockey pitch is the exception rather than the rule. Artificial turf pitches strongly influenced hockey game, greatly increased speed of the game, which led to development of new tactical decisions and new game techniques, as a consequence some of the rules were changed.

Artificial turf for the hokey pitches is different then that for the football fields. Artificial turf for hockey does not try to imitate qualities of the natural grass, it has shorter fibers. In recent years so-called "water - based" artificial turf systems are often used for hockey pitches. This system does not have sand or EPDM rubber infill, instead of it before each game it watered, so water carries filling function. This type of turf is not so rigid, and safer for players; in addition it wears away slowly. One of the International Hockey Federation (IHF) requirements is that the official competitions need to be played on artificial turf pitches. IHF is testing artificial turf systems, and certifies them. There are two IHF certificates "Global" and "National". More about artificial turf systems for hockey can be found on IHF website -