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The use of artificial turf for football fields has increased a lot in recent years. One of the main reason is economic, artificial turf is cheaper and easier to maintain, it is year-round playable, it is possible to play much more hours on the artificial turf than on natural grass. According to German Football Association (DFB) data on the natural grass potentially (not allowing it to tear) may be played 400 - 800 hours per year; on the artificial turf may be played 2000 - 2500 hours per year.

Football artificial turf can be classified according to the following criteria:

  1. Infill type (only sand, sand, together with the rubber granules);
  2. Fiber type (monofilament fibers, fibrillated fibers);
  3. Fiber structure (straight, wavy, curly);
  4. Fiber height (a short 10 - 15 mm, average 25 - 40 mm, long 40 - 60 mm);
  5. Fiber density (low, medium, high);
  6. Fill height (60 - 80%, 90 - 100%);
  7. Flooring type;

Characteristics of the game, installation and maintenance costs depend on the artificial turf criteria shown above. One type of artificial turf is suitable for football field where international competitions will be held, the other type would be suitable for training or school stadium fields. So before choosing artificial turf it is important to consult with specialists.

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