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Universal sports grounds with synthetic surface are very popular throughout the world. A lot of different games like basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball, badminton can be played on them.

There is big choice of synthetic surfaces available in the market:

  • Colored EPDM rubber granules monolithic surface laid on site with paving machine. It is water permeable, resistant to temperature fluctuations and ultraviolet radiation;
  • black EPDM rubber granules monolithic layer with painted surface, laid on site with paving machine;
  • Sheets made of rubber granules fixed to the base with adhesive;
  • Polyethylene surface with an elastic layer;

All types of surfaces have specific advantages and disadvantages. For example, in Lithuania because of relatively high moisture and temperature fluctuations it is not recommended to choose surfaces that are fixed to the base with adhesive. Furthermore, such surfaces will inevitably have seams, which, over time, due to deformation and temperature fluctuations may widen. The evenness of such surface depends on the quality of the basis.

Surfaces that are paved on site do not have the above-mentioned shortcomings, but their quality is very dependent on the quality of components, the maintenance of right proportions while mixing them. So it is important that a qualified company would work on installation of sport surface. Quality equipment should be used to get good surface quality.

JSC "Fortera" have installed more than 50 thousand sq. m. of universal playgrounds, near schools, private holdings, and rural tourism farmsteads. Here you can overview some of our projects.