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Various synthetic surfaces are used for running tracks. Modern synthetic surfaces are wear resistant, secure, and have good combination of dynamic properties. International athletics competitions are held on surfaces certified by the International Athletics Federation (IAAF). During certification process following such surface properties as imperfections, evenness, thickness, force reduction, vertical deformation, friction, tensile properties, color, and drainage are evaluated.

Types of synthetic surfaces:

  1.    Prefabricated surfaces supplied in rolls or sheets, which are glued to the prepared base. Since surface is produced in safe and controlled conditions, its qualities are good, it has uniform thickness. But for such surfaces it is very important evenness of the base, the gradient must meet the requirements, durability depends heavily on the adhesive used and the quality of bonding. One more lack of such surfaces is that due to residual stress, temperature variations, deformation may occur which would result in shrinkage from joint seams and edges. So it is very important correct selection and professional installation to minimize these problems.
  2.    The other main group of surfacing systems is these products which are fabricated on site from their raw materials. Such surfaces consist of polyurethane resin mixed with rubber particles, laid on site with special paving machine. For such surface evenness of the base is not so important, it does not need adhesive, in addition such paved surfaces do not have joint seams. However, quality of such surfaces depends heavily on the quality of components and the maintenance of right proportions while mixing them. So qualification of the company that installs it is very important.

JSC “Fortera" has accumulated a lot experience in installing running tracks, we are working with Italian, Belgian, Swiss, Dutch, German, American sports equipment manufacturers, we use German and Swiss machines for laying sports surfaces. JSC “Fortera” worked on such projects as reconstruction of Athletics Hall of Vilnius, sports grounds in Kaunas College J .Radvila study centre in Kėdainiai, stadium in Marijampolė.

Here you can overview some of our projects.