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Tennis court surfaces

Tennis is played on a variety of surfaces; probably no other sport has such a wide choice of playing surfaces. In Lithuania not so long ago asphalt and concrete were used as playing surfaces for tennis courts. Unfortunately, it is not only unpleasant to play on such surface, but dangerous. Now there is a large choice of synthetic surfaces for tennis courts.

The tennis court surface affects style and quality of the game, as well as installation and maintenance costs. So before choosing one or the other tennis court surface it is important to know how often tennis will be played, what are maintenance possibilities, is it indoor or open tennis court.

You can contact the JSC "Fortera" specialists for a professional advice. We have experience in laying various types of tennis court surfaces; we have installed more than 35 thousand sq. m. of tennis courts in Lithuania, also in Latvia, Poland, and Ukraine. We cooperate with Italian, Belgian, Dutch, German, American sport surface manufacturers, so we can select and install the proper playing surface for you. Here you can review our projects.

Tennis court playing surfaces are classified according to the type surface, and according to the characteristics of the game. Here is International Tennis Federation (ITF) classification of the tennis courts according to construction:

Surface code Type Description
A Acrylic Textured, pigmented, resin-bound coating.
B Artificial clay Synthetic surface with the appearance of clay.
C Artificial grass Synthetic surface with the appearance of natural grass.
D Asphalt Bitumen-bound aggregate.
E Carpet Textile or polymeric material supplied in rolls or sheets of finished product.
F Clay Unbound mineral aggregate.
G Concrete Cement-bound aggregate.
H Grass Natural grass grown from seed.
J Other E.g. modular systems (tiles), wood, canvas.

International Tennis Federation (ITF) classification of the tennis courts according to court pace:

Category 1  Slow 
Category 2  Medium – slow 
Category 3  Medium 
Category 4  Medium – fast 
Category 5  Fast 

The International Tennis Federation ITF issues certificates for tennis court surfaces where pace and construction categories are indicated.

JSC "Fortera" is the official partner of BROS in the Baltic countries.

The Swiss company Bross produces two types of tennis surfaces.

Outdoor tennis court surface Bross Clay. ITF Certificate.

Indoor tennis court surface Bros.Slide GLN, GLP, and the GLF. ITF Certificate.

More about them you can find on Bross AG website.

New Generation Tennis System 

Apart from numerous outdoor multipurpose sports floors, CONICA is now offering a new tennis surfacing system - CONIPUR® TENNIS FORCE.

CONIPUR TENNIS FORCE is an all weather tennis clay court which is playable all year. The tennis surface is certified by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and offers the following advantages and properties:

  • Playable all year; winter resistant lines
  • No major maintenance in spring
  • Excellent water permeability; playable immediately after rain
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent sliding properties
  • No foot holes
  • Excellent foot hold
  • Equal ball reflection
  • Even and constant hardness
  • Reduced injuries
  • Suitable for wheelchair tennis
  • Exceptional durability 
  • 100 % recyclable
  • Can be installed on existing clay or artificial turf courts with minimum expense  

For indoor tennis halls, CONICA offers the new system CONIPUR® TENNIS FORCE HS. The indoor tennis clay court is also approved by the ITF. The optical and playing properties are comparable to watered outdoor clay courts. Watering is not necessary due to the “Hydroslide” effect. The surface is also suitable for wheel chair tennis and has an exceptional durability. Besides low maintenance, an equal ball reflection and good foot hold, it offers excellent sliding properties. The new system is environmentally friendly and suitable for air-halls.

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