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One of the areas where JSC "Fortera" is working is insulation and increasing of energy efficiency for private, commercial and public buildings. We renovated such objects as the (...)
For insulation we use products and systems made by Belgian company "Cantillana":

Granol'therm WDV-S1, WDV-S3, WDV-S5, WDV-S6, WDV-S8, WDV-C9;

"Cantillana" is a strong Belgian family company that produces a complete range of ready-to-use plasters and mortars for indoor and outdoor applications for the Benelux, French and German market.

"Cantillana" controls the complete manufacturing process of its products, which it markets in bags and silos. Over the past decades, Cantillana has become a household name in the market for ready-to-use for mortars, plasters and tile adhesives. Its reputation is built on a broad product range, solid product know-how based on extensive experience, and a constant focus on top quality and customer requirements.

More about "Cantillana" you can find on their website: